Krishna C. Murthy, M.D. has been very active in conducting International and World Community 
Asthma Day Camps in South India since 1987, as well as in Kenya, Africa.  He has given new hope to 
more than 3,000 asthma patients in coping with their disease.  He has given many seminars and lectures 
regarding allergies and asthma to public groups, physicians and at various medical schools in India.  Dr. 
Murthy is a pioneer in implementing various World Community Service Projects through Matching 
Grants.  So far, he has completed 59 Matching Grants and more than $700,000 has been funded.  The 
Matching Grant Projects have helped various health, school and social needs of the various clubs in South 
India.  Dr. Murthy has said, “Rotary International, the Fort Collins Breakfast Rotary Club and RI District 
5440 have been very supportive of these projects.  Without the encouragement and financial support of 
the Rotarians of RI District 5440, such a task would only be a dream”.  
Global Grants in 2013 and 2014
Global grant: GG1415771 Project Background: Established in 1980, by Dr. P. C. Modi, the eye 
hospital initially functioned as a camp based eye center. Dr.Modi and Eye camps are a household name in 
India for his dedicated services for the poor since 1940’s.Over the years this hospital has been serving the 
needy in a facility that has improved the outcome and at present they are renovating the hospital to better 
serve the community. This Global project should help in equipping the facility to improve operating room 
eye surgery, outpatient facility to diagnose and treat many preventable blindness eye problems like 
cataract, glaucoma and diabetes. They also treat pediatric eye problems.
Rotary Partners in Host country India:  Rotary Club of Bangalore NW is a small but an accomplished 
club for their community an international projects and Fort Collins Breakfast Club has completed several 
matching grant projects in the past and Rotarian and P/P U.B. Shankar is the project coordinator and 
whom we know well over the years.
Project Description: This funding will provide several operating microscopes and Slit lamps and other 
outpatient eye equipment .This will double the day camp eye surgeries from 500 to1000 every month and 
double the outpatient care services from 100 to 200 per day.  
Sustainability: Approximately 20 % of the patient populations pay for their services accordingly to their 
affordability and 80% of the eye is for the poor and receive a free eye care.  It is also supported by other 
NGO’s, Dr.Modi’s Charitable Trust and public donations. Bangalore NW club has a several year plan to 
improve the mission of this eye hospital   
                  This is an $84595 project and funded by Rotary club of Bangalore North West club, RI district 
3190 India, Rotary club of Fort Collins Breakfast, RI District 5440 and Rotary club of Fort Collins and 
Foothills and will provide eye care for years to come for needy people in and around Bengaluru, India
2, Global grant- GG1420009: Blood bank Mobile Van Project Shimoga, India: 
  Brief description of project: Shimoga Rotary in the past has developed a regional Blood Bank providing 
much needed clean blood and other blood products like platelets etc. for several years. Since the 
demand has increased over the years they are planning for a mobile blood donor van to go around the 
area and do a blood donation camps to collect blood and be able to perform all the necessary test on 
the spot.  The demand for unit of blood has gone up from 1200 unit per month in 2012 and in 2013 to 
4000. With the help of van they can procure up to 5000 units per month. They are planning to get a fully 
equipped Blood Donor van to serve a population of about 10 million (5 districts or Counties)
                                This  is a $42,000 project to obtain a special mobile van to collect blood from donors 
in and around Shimoga, India and funded by Shimoga Mid town, RI district 3180, India, Rotary club of 
Fort Collins Breakfast , RI District 5440 and friends of rotary.
3.  Global Grant- GG; 14 15824 Equipment’s for severely Handicapped children in Mayasandra and a 
Vocational training project in India: 
Brief Description of the project: Nava Nirmana Charitable Trust (NNCT) is a NGO based in Mayasandra, 
near Tumkur, India has been serving special need children since 2010.They provide evaluation, hearing 
aids, physical and occupational therapy for nearly 50 children from surrounding villages. Shoulder –to- 
Shoulder Global (STSG) organization based out of University of Kentucky,USA has been conducting 
week long camp at Mayasandra for the last 3  years and recently completed camp in February 2013 with 
five specialists and identified more children with severe disability who need further treatment and 
ongoing therapy. The team form India and USA have proposed following improvements for this special 
school and better on going treatment options. 
Project Description: This funding will provide equipment for Physical Therapy, Speech therapy, 
endoscopy and vocational training for local therapist and to provide weekly services. The goal is to 
provide enough improvement for these children so that they can attend regular school for their 
continued education.
Avenue of Service addressed: Health
    This is a $37,161 project to accomplish better facilities at this severely handicapped school for 
children and funded by Rotary Club of Bangalore North West and Rotary club of Fort Collins After 
work, Breakfast, Windsor and RI District 5440 and 3180 India and friends of Rotary.
4. Global Grant: GG 14 10487 – Colorado flood 2013- Glen Haven flood relief project.
  This project will help 160 homeowners to replace their septic tank and water systems in Glen Haven 
area, Colorado who were severely affected by the flood in September 2013. This is a RI district 5440 
initiated project with support from many clubs.  This is a $168,500 project to support the home owners 
of Glen Haven, Colorado and funded by RI district 5440, Brazil district 4470 and India district 3180 and 
Shimoga Rotary club. This is a reverse Grant from Brazil and India to help a small town in Colorado 
severely affected by 2013 flood.
5. Global Grant 15 2614 Rotary Blood bank –Thirthahalli, India
   Brief description of project: Thirthahalli is a small town in South India with a population of about 25,000 and 
local Rotarians have a vision of developing a regional small blood bank which will serve a population of nearly 
150,000.The local hospitals don’t have any good blood banking facilities and there is a great need for a” CLEAN” 
blood to take care of major surgeries including trauma, Obstetric care and other medical conditions. One of 
regional hospital do at least 500 operations per month and many of them require blood transfusions. They 
estimate that the medical facilities need at least 300 to 400 bags of blood per month. The regional center is not 
nearby and during monsoon season it is hard to travel especially for patients. They are planning to develop a fully 
equipped Blood Bank to serve the regional population.
Rotary Partners in Host country India:  Rotary Club of Thirthahalli is an accomplished club for their community 
projects including health camps, low cost shelters, safe drinking water and development of schools. The Rotarians 
are very enthusiastic group and will monitor and implement this project in a timely manner. PDG Dr.Nararyana 
with whom we have worked for many years will supervise the project.
 Project Description: The Blood bank will be furnished with all the necessary equipment to collect blood donation, 
safe storage, testing, a donor van etc. They will have capabilities to do lab work for clean and safe blood and blood 
Sustainability: Thirthahalli Rotary club will maintain the Blood bank facilities and equipment’s will have warranty 
for a long term. There is a plan for public education regarding blood donation, donation camps and a data base. 
The affordable people who need blood transfusion will pay for blood units and will help to provide free blood units 
to needy people who can’t afford.
Area of focus: Disease Prevention and treatment of maternal and child health.
                                   This is a $62,767 project to develop a complete blood bank in Thirthahalli, India, 
India and funded by Thirthahalli Rotary club, RI district 3180, India, Rotary club of Fort Collins 
Breakfast, RI District 5440 and friends of rotary.