Kristin Candella is the Executive Director and CEO of Fort Collins Habitat for Humanity. She has lived in Fort Collins since the 4th grade with 5 years in California and 5 years in Denver and considers Fort Collins her home.
When asked about her hobbies, Kristin said “Habitat for Humanity is a lifestyle for me so building here, there, and everywhere is a career, interest and hobby.  One of my dreams is to take my kids to build Habitat homes in locations all over the world.  Other interests are anything my kids are into including soccer, flag football, karate and outdoorsy activities.”

Kristin was previously a member of the Denver Rotary Club and Parker Rotary in District 5450. She believes that “Being part of a community where service above self is the cornerstone matters to me.  I admire the walk of Rotarians that far exceeds the talk.  I find the pace at which Rotarians come together, forge a plan, and impact their communities and world engaging and energizing.  There is never a moment wasted in a meeting and I am always stunned by the level of engagement. The goals and initiatives of Rotary, both locally and globally are of interest to me and the projects align with some of my greatest values, furthering education, health, peace and opportunity and creating a more connected and compassionate world.” Welcome!