New member Brooke Corbel joins Rotary Club of Fort Collins Breakfast!Our new member Brooke Corbel is Director of Development and Marketing at Arsenal Colorado- The Fort Collins Soccer Club.  She has lived in Fort Collins for five years and some of her hobbies include cooking, intramural sports, comedy, paddle boarding, brewery hopping, live music, board games, and movies.
Brooke joined Rotary because “I was looking for volunteer opportunities and a way to meet new and like-minded people in Fort Collins. I value fellowship, community involvement and service. The opportunity to develop a strong and impactful presence in my community, as a young adult, is valuable and important to me.”
“I am so excited to be a part of such an amazing group of people. While COVID has changed our day-to-day lives since I joined, I am doing my best to stay involved and connected with you all. If anyone wants to sign up to volunteer together, grab a coffee/beer/ice cream or take a walk around town, I would love to spend some time together getting to know you and the club better!”
Thank you for sharing with us and it’s wonderful to have you in our club!