Member Dues, Per Quarter

Billed Quarterly (July 1, Sept. 1, Jan. 1, & April 1)

    1.  Meals ………………….      $ 155.00

    2.  Dues  ………………….         65.00

    3.  TOTAL  ……………...    $ 220.00


New Member Initiation Fee                 $  105.00


Meal Charges For Non-Members

    1.  Visiting Rotarians …….    $   13.00

    2.  Guests of Members ……    $   13.00


Credits For Makeups    at other clubs    $     13.00


Other Expenses (fellowship and funding support – see below)    $ 700 - $1000 (annual estimate)

Our Club Foundation Support: We conduct a raffle to help fund the local and international projects of the club. Our goal is to get those funds from members of the community. We typically ask that you try to sell (or buy) at least five raffle tickets worth $100 each (raffle winner wins $10,000).

Third Grade Dictionary Project: To support the presentation of dictionaries annually to Fort Collins third graders the club sells Palisade peaches and solicits donations. Club members are asked to support the program through sales and/or donations. You are asked to sell ~20 cases of Western Slope Peaches.

Rotary Foundation Sustaining Member Program (Paul Harris Fellow): $100.00 per year to the Rotary Foundation to support International Projects. Participation is voluntary in this program. $25.00 per quarter may be added to quarterly billing to achieve this goal.

Other fundraising activities: From time to time the club has other, smaller fundraisers to support specific projects. Typical annual member support:  $100 - $200.

Fellowship activities:  Fellowship activities or other Rotary functions occur throughout each year which are voluntary and which might require additional costs\expense to you as a participating member.