Upon joining our club, you received a RED BADGE.  To convert this membership badge to your permanent BLUE BADGE, you will need to complete the following steps:


Attend a Fireside Chat:    This is an informal meeting of club members, including officers and board members, to discuss activities, operations, projects and programs of our club, as well as to socialize and have an opportunity to get to know club members outside the formal meeting setting.  We have recently split this Fireside Chat into four shorter meetings immediately after our normal club meeting.

Be a Greeter for a Club Meeting two times:      A Greeter is that familiar and smiling face at the entrance door to the club meeting room extending the hand of friendship and greeting members as they arrive at the meeting.   The first time, you will be with your mentor; the second time you will be with another Rotarian from the club.  You must be there at 6:40 AM, wear a Greeter Badge, and have fun getting to know the club members.

Give a Vocational Talk:     This is an opportunity for you to stand up in front of the club membership at a regular meeting and give a brief talk about yourself.  This is not meant as a platform to advertise your business, but as an opportunity for you to introduce yourself to the club membership and tell them something about your past, education, family, hobbies, and interests, including why you wanted to join Rotary.

Attend a meeting of one of the Club Committees (Avenues of Service):   This is to acquaint you with one of the four Committees in the club, and to learn about the focus of that Committee, and recognize its members.   It is recommended that you learn a little about each of the four Avenues of Service and visit several of the different Committees.  There are four Avenues of Service\Committees in all Rotary Clubs.  Those are: Club Service, Vocational Service, Community Service, and International (World Community) Service.  These are explained in this packet.

Join a Club Committee and attend its meetings:  This will “plug you into” the activities of the committee and connect you with club members.

Take part in 2 of our club’s “hands on” projectsThe first time, with your mentor; the second time on your own with other club members.  This will give you an opportunity to work side by side with other club members, experience the joy of serving in the community, and expose you to a few of the on-going projects of our club. 

Attend another Rotary Club meetingThis may be in town or in another town, state, or country.  This is a chance to see another club operate and gives an appreciation for the diversity of clubs. 

Register and update your profile on the Club website:  The Club website is a primary means of communicating with fellow members and in keeping informed of Club activities and projects.  The website is  

Your preliminary login ID is your first initial and last name followed by 4561 with no spaces and your password is your first initial and last name.   You may update both after you initially log in.  Update your profile and upload a photo and begin regularly accessing the website.

The Club Membership Committee will periodically check with you and your mentor on your status in completing the eight requirements.  To expedite the process, inform the Membership Committee chair via e-mail when you complete any element of the Red Badge program.  The chair will update this link.  There is no set timeframe for completion, but the sooner you complete them the sooner you will be fully introduced to the Club, its members, and its projects.


In addition to these eight requirements, you will be expected to be in Good Standing with the Club and in compliance with the Standards\Requirements of Rotary for Membership.   This requirement is to ensure your participation in the club, attendance of its meetings and activities, and involvement in the projects and functions it supports.  Club meeting attendance is important and a 60 % meeting attendance percentage is required by Rotary International; our Club’s attendance goal is 70 %.  You can make up your attendance in a number of ways: attend another club meeting, attend a club sponsored function\activity that has been sanctioned as a make up event.  This make up activity needs to be completed within 14 days of the absence you are making up for.  Simply inform the club Secretary of your make up activity.