Inspiration:  Carrie Campbell Broughton --Reflections around our rights and privileges to vote in a democracy with quotes from RBG and several past presidents and leaders

IDEA Quote:  Character cannot be developed in ease and quiet. Only through experience of trial and suffering can the soul be strengthened, vision cleared, ambition inspired, and success achieved.-- Helen Keller  

Upcoming Programs: please see the side panel for upcoming speakers and be sure to invite your friends!


⦁ Enrico Armani --exchange student living with Curt Bear, from NE Italy 

⦁ Amanda Mancuso -- insurance broker as her second career, Mountain Storm Insurance

⦁ Paul Fritz -- new applicant


New Members: Bob Melrose, long time Rotarian,  was officially inducted today by Joseph Vander Linde



⦁ Drew Leslie, CSU Trombone Choir director --He would like us to know the concert was postponed to Nov. 30th at 7:30 pm in Griffin Concert Hall at CSU. 

⦁ Andy Chaffin--Idea committee is working with Braver Angels on planning a workshop for how to have difficult conversations in our contentious times called "Bridging the Divide"

⦁ Secret Santa program--sign up for a family to purchase gifts for the kids of families in need.  Gary can arrange for personal shoppers if you are unable to do the shopping yourself. We have 109 families on the list.  There will be online sign-ups coming out.  Pickup is December 8th. 

⦁ Bob Waltermire--Next Tuesday is the next meeting of the International Service Committee at 7 pm at Horse and Dragon and on Zoom.

⦁ Curt Bear– reminds us about the Christmas Trees Lighting at 1st Presbyterian Church in Old Town on December 1st.  There are posters to hang.

⦁ Derek Godfrey-- Our club was in the news for the Laptops for College Students program.  He is looking for 3 people for hs committee to make this sustainable. 

⦁ Mike Forney's wife was injured from a fall and will be coming home from the hospital soon. 


Program:  The Northern Integrated Supply Project (NISP)

Jeff Stahla, Northern Colorado Water

⦁ Northern Colorado Water Conservancy district provides water for our booming part of the state.  They provide raw water to be treated by cities and for irrigation for farms

⦁ Manages delivery of water, including portions of 8 counties

⦁ Horsetooth Reservoir is where the water is provided locally. 90% of the Poudre River is already designated for use/protection and the lower 7.5 miles was left open for future reservoir projects.

⦁ Poudre River has been designated as a wild and scenic river in Colorado since October 1986

⦁ NISP started applying for its permits in 2017 from Larimer county, state and federal government. The Federal ROD permit is under consideration and is expected soon. 

⦁ NISP has 15 participants funding the project. Construction on the Glade dam site is expected in 2026 and in 2028 for the Galeton dam site.  Dam and facilities design is in progress now.

⦁ Glade Reservoir will be slightly larger than Horsetooth Reservoir and will require a modification of highway 287.Seven miles of Highway 287 will be moved one ridge to the east and the new location will make the trip to Laramie about 2 miles shorter.

⦁ Galeton Reservoir will have a 45,600 acre-foot capacity with 30 miles of pipeline and will be used largely to deliver water to NE farms, trading water that would have been taken from Poudre River. 

⦁ NISP has been approved by Colorado Parks and Wildlife Commission, CO Water Conservation Board.  1/3 of the yield must be sent through downtown Ft Collins. 

⦁ Building the Glade Reservoir Dam may begin in 2025-26 and will take 4 years to build the dam and 3 years to fill the reservoir.

A video about the Glade Reservoir project:


⦁ The 170,000 acre-foot Glade Reservoir and 45,600 acre-foot Galeton Reservoir would deliver 40,000 acre feet of water — 13 billion gallons a year — to 500,000 people.  - Greeley Tribune: