The 16th Annual 3rd Grade Literacy Project fundraiser is now underway. The Breakfast Club has opened up sales of 20 pond boxes of luscious Palisade Freestone Peaches to support literacy.
In addition to boxes of peaches, you may also purchase a delicious Ginger & Baker peach pie and some wonderful Jalapeño Peach Jam.
Visit the site: to place your order.
For the 16th year in a row, Fort Collins Breakfast Rotary is selling Palisade peaches to support literacy with the local school district. For many of those years, the club purchased beautiful hard bound dictionaries. Recently, based on input from 3rd grade teachers, we are now providing monetary grants to the teachers to use at their discretion to support the literacy needs within their classroom. They have the opportunity to buy dictionaries if then choose, or other books, software for laptops, or any other literacy curriculum material.
Back in 2006 the club sold enough peaches to purchase 60 dictionaries for just a few classrooms. It eventually grew in size to buy dictionaries for every 3rd grader. Thanks to the great support of the community, the club has continued that level of support.
The Breakfast Club's focus on this project supports the 6 areas of focus from Rotary International:

1. Peace and conflict prevention/resolution
2. Disease prevention and treatment
3. Water and sanitation
4. Maternal and child health
5. Basic education and literacy
​6. Economic and community development