Inspiration:  Ann Griffith inspired us with the story of a 98 year old Rotarian from Japan (whose photo is on the cover of the latest Rotary magazine) who is doing tea services all over the world, sharing the message of peace, reconciliation and brotherhood.
IDEA Quote:   “Life puts rocks in your path – it’s up to you to decide if you want to build a bridge or a wall with them.”
Upcoming Programs: please see the side panel for upcoming speakers and be sure to invite your friends!
Needs Quick Response:  Can you work a shift from 1-3 this Saturday at one of the local breweries to sell peaches?   If so, please contact Michele Marquitz at 970-215-9449 and she’ll give you all of the details! 
  • Amy Welsh (Tom and Amy’s daughter)
  • Beth Maddox (Columbia, MO) – Amy’s cousin
  • Speaker – Robert Williams
Awards:  Sara Murphy recognized several people in the club:
  • Paul Harris Awards – for those who have contributed $1,000 to The Rotary Foundation of Rotary International:  Arun Murthy, nephew of Krishna (+1), Curt Bear (+1), Carrie Broughton (+2), Carrie Levy (+3), Michele Marquitz (+3), Tim Cochran (+3), Carol Morris (+3), Andy Groeger (+4), Ellen Brinks (+5), Joe McCarthy (+3-6), Lynn Matson (+8), Mark Campbell (+8)
  • End of Year Club Awards:
    • Rock Star – Tom Welsh for his support for the Early Childhood Development Program and fixing bicycles for underserved kids
    • Rotary Spirit – Gary Tuner for his championship of a project to build a community garden in Zimbabwe
    • Guiding Light – Kristin Candella for thoughtful and organized leadership of the 10K fundraiser and for her boundless energy and creativity
    • Most Active New Member Joseph Vander Linde (awarded at end of year party)
    • Charlie Peterson Service Above Self - Fran Lefler (awarded at end of year party)
    • Rotarian of the Year – Joe McCarthy (awarded at end of year party)
Annual Peach Sale for Literacy:
  • Mike Griffith – please use the link below to sign up to volunteer for the Peach Sale Delivery or for selling peaches at the Peach Festival!
  • Ann Griffith – please consider a $250 sponsorship of a classroom (proceeds will be split between the literacy project (40%) and our club Foundation (60%)).  If interested, please contact
  • Andy Chaffin – be intentional about “selling literacy” to everyone you know!   The proceeds from the peach sales will provide grants for teachers for their literacy efforts as well as fund some of our club projects; encourage a business owner to buy a box for their staff or to distribute to customers
  • You can provide the recipe below to friends who might be looking for something great to make with all of those peaches.   Courtesy of Martine Bols.
The Peach Festival
Program:   Robert Williams new Executive Director of the Larimer County Health District
  • A special tax district serving the northern 2/3 of Larimer County, established in 1960
  • The organization’s mission is to enhance the health of the community and has a five-member board
  • The Health District impacted 10,648 individuals in 2021 with a staff of 125
  • Budget is $14 million; of that, $10 million comes from taxation and remainder is from property and grants
  • The bad news is that depression and substance abuse are up for teens (partially a function of Covid) but the good news is that they like to connect and receive counseling virtually.
  • This is somewhat unique to Larimer County.   There are only a handful of these types of programs in Colorado and the country.
  • The Health District provides many programs and services.   For more information about all of these, use the link below to see the Power Point the speaker used:
Thanks to the program committee for bringing us this informative program.