Warm greetings to our newest Rotary member Joseph Vander Linde. In 2017, Joseph and wife Gina built a home in Timnath. In July 2020, their son Benjamin was born and joined the family along with dog Nova and their cat Kitten.
Some hobbies and interests include personal wellness, public speaking, surfing, innovation, literacy, but most importantly nurturing the human spirit.

According to Joseph, he joined Rotary because “My family would not be the same without a chain of service-oriented souls that gave, taught, and helped us through trials and challenges. I could not imagine a better group to learn and serve with than an organization that has been perfecting it for over a century.”

Joseph shared this with Fort Collins Breakfast Rotary members…” I posit that you will never, EVER know the full impact of your volunteer time and financial contributions will have on the world and commend you for doing them anyway.”

Some facts about Joseph’s family: Joseph is a first-generation college graduate and earned Summa Cum Laude distinction during his Bachelor of Science from the University of North Florida, Gina obtained a Bachelor of Science from Saint Petersburg College in Florida. His household represents three nations from the Netherlands, Peru, and Puerto Rico and is bilingual. Gina is seeking a research position within CSU in the Veterinarian Dept in 2021 now that Benjamin is not wholly dependent on her near his first birthday. Welcome to our club!