Josh Birks, City of Fort Collins' Economic Health Director, gave the program at the Breakfast Club this morning, Thursday July 25.

The role of the Economic Health in Fort Collins is to:

  • preserve quality of place and culture
  • provide economic opportunity
  • diversify tax base



Josh discussed some of the present economic conditions in Fort Collins including:

  • a 5.8% unemplment rate which is lower than national average
  • exceeded the 2007 peak sales tax revenue performance
  • job growth is sluggish and below population growth
  • received Moody's AAA rating

Some of the public investment activities:

  • Private - HP data center, Otterbox, Banner Health
  • Public - MAX bus rapid rapid transit
  • I25 - 392 interchange
  • Museum of Discovery
  • Lincoln Center renovation

Other items:

Woodward Governor Global Headquarters


  • 1400 jobs 2018
  • 30 acres donated to city
  • Old Town investment