Jim Hightower- Thanked all for help with the dictionary sticker party.  Now it’s time to sign up for Dictionary Deliveries
Catherine – Requested that members upload a current photo on Club Runner so new members can get to know everyone
Susan Peterson- Seeking help with finding the entertainment for our Christmas program for the kids
Ola is looking to share fun activities with our Rotary Club, so reach out and call her.  She is also already starting to raise funds for the end of year bus trip and can babysit or do odd jobs. 
Don't forget the CSU Rotaract's Chili Cookoff Coming up!  Nov. 8 – 7-9 pm at Horse and Dragon – fund raiser for Book Trust. Support their club and vote for our own Cindy Cloyd’s chili!   Register at
International Service Committee Check Presentation-
               John Trewartha presented a check on behalf of the International Service Committee and Fort Collins Breakfast Rotary to Kate Norton of “Days for Girls International”
Their mission is to help women stay in school and get an education and women keep jobs by providing feminine hygiene products and kits. 
Updates on Shelter Box-
  • Cheyenne Community Rotaract put of a tent and raised funds of $700 from donations. 
  • Our Club received a letter of gratitude from Shelter Box four the clubs $1000 donation and a story of hope was provided from a recipient of a box in Paraguay
Susan Kirkpatrick introduced Cyndy Luzinski from Dementia Friendly Communities.
Dementia Friendly Communities goal is to provide awareness, hope and empowerment.
Mission: no one walking a dementia journey has to walk alone
  1. Dementia feels like being separated from the mind
  2. “It’s time we change our minds about people whose minds are changing” quote from Allen Powers
  3. The Why?  To support those with cognitive decline through;
    1. The hope for now
    2. Focus on current care
    3. Providing community life enrichment
    4. Utilize inclusive strategies
    5. Create moments of joy
  4. Alzheimer’s is one of several causes of dementia
  5. It’s a shift in the way a person experiences the world and responds to it
  6. The bigger truth is; Just because you lose part of your mind it doesn’t mean you lose your soul
  7. The SPECAL method
    1. Explains the dementia process
    2. Feelings dominate over facts
How to Help
  • Through non verbal communication
  • Approach from the front of a person
  • Speak slow and clearly
  • Smile
  • Give time, don’t rush
  • Choose to be kind instead of right
More info about Dementia Friendly Communities and Memory Café’s at;
Kate Norton
Yvonne Paez
Ashley McGilvery
Caitlin Nase
Lisa Lafehr
Ola Saganowska