Club Assembly
Invocation: Lee Vera Nelson shared an inspiration on diversity & equality.
December Birthdays:
  • Kathy Miner December 5th
  • Natalie Brown December 9th
  • Jen Parker December 11th
  • John Trewartha December 18th
  • Cary Levy December 23rd
  • Ron Catterson December 30th 
New Member Talk: Jeana Burton shared her inspiring and heart warming story.....
Jeana is a writer and her husband is a home brewer.  Coincidentally she has met fellow Rotarians at Horse & Dragon and was inspired to join Rotary.
She loves reading which was shaped by her trips to the library as a young girl.
She has a BA of Art History and BA of English Literature and Master of ....sorry your humble note taker missed in what, but something amazing!  As well as being nominated for prestigious awards for writing.
Jeana shared it that it has been a circuitous road to writing.  She highly recommends Linda Barry's book "What it is" which brought the magic back to her writing.  
She has treasured journaling through the pandemic and is working on publishing works.
She is passionate about helping others overcome struggles to write.  
She is working on getting certified and becoming a freelance book editor.  
Gary Turner- Secret Santa Reminders
  • Sunday December 13th is the Pick Up Date. 
  • Gifts will be picked up at your home. 
  • All gifts need to be wrapped with kids names and placed in black plastic bags with the family numbers.  
  • We are helping over 100 kids.  
  • If you can help with the last minute needs, reach out to Gary directly and/or with any specific questions    
Fran Lefler- Donations for early childhood program providing essentials is very appreciated.  
Sara Murphy- John Matsushima from the 1918 Rotarian club is turning 100!!!!!  Please send cards to John at 2008 Evergreen Drive, Ft Collins, CO 80521.  Let's flood him with well wishes whether you know John or not- thank you Rotarian Family.
Mark Campbell- We have 150-200 Children Dictionaries left.  Reach out if you'd like to purchase one, $10/each.  They'd make a great Christmas present.
Mike Griffith- Flags for Hero's fund raiser has been approved by the board.  It will be May 27th-31st at Veteran's Plaza which will be in conjunction with the Vietnam traveling wall.  Please reach out to Mike to help and join the planning committee.  
Bob Williams- Look out for the email and sign ups for Meals on Wheels for January & February
Curt Bear- $10K Raffle Virtual Event is in the early planning stages.  Reach out to Curt & join the committee.  The theme will be "People of Action".  Save the Date of March 5th at 8pm.  Think about #MyRotaryReason
Krishna Murphy- New Paul Harris Awards contributing to the Rotary Foundation go to...
  • Joe McCarthy Paul Harris +1
  • Mahin Shahmardian Paul Harris +2
  • Sarah Stoecker Paul Harris +3
  • Ann Griffith Paul Harris +6
John Hintzman- Spear heading a tribute for Mike Trinen from our club who recently passed.  Send messages to John with ideas for a project in Mike's honor.  Any financial contributions to honor Mike can be sent to the Breakfast Clubs Foundation at our PO BOX.  Please note Mike's name on the check.