Inspiration:  Teres Lambert– a poem of encouragement about intentional living, serenity, and appreciation.
IDEA Quote:     “Roddenberry’s dreams, Star Trek’s dreams, help us to think through what it would be like to have a society of abundance, of logic and reason, and of inclusion.”  ~ Manu Saadia, Trekonomics: The Economics of Star Trek
Upcoming Programs: please see the side panel for upcoming speakers and be sure to invite your friends!
Holly Honn visited with her husband
Amanda Mancuso -- insurance broker as her second career
Austin Hensen is helping his dad with Secret Santa
Peter Bostwick is new to Fort Collins, moving back after 40 years
Kyle Stack (zoom)
Paul Fritz
Vocational Talk by Bill Honn
--Grew up in Tulsa, OK and went to KU.  He started his career as an architect in Dallas.  He moved to Beaver Creek, CO to help design and build 15 multimillion dollar homes there.  
--He met and married Holly Hunter in Beaver Creek. He designed several award winning homes. 
--Moved to Reston, VA  and then transitioned to project management for Plaza of the Patriots and later the prison that held Abraham Lincoln's assasin. 
--Moved to Zagreg, Croatia (during wartime) with his wife and 3 young boys.
--He served with the first free election in Bosnia.
--Real estate development in Washington, DC and then moved back to CO after 9/11
--Developed the Southwinds Lodge in Winter Park
--Married to his wife, Holly and have three boys in their 30s
-- Remodeled his home on Remington, added a VRBO in his garage and has an additional VRBO in Cheyenne
--Bill is currently a project manager for Sprague Roofing and Exteriors
Fran announced Tom Welsh is bringing cleaning supplies today for delivery to the Early Childhood Center
Tony Catania--Idea committee is working with Braver Angels on planning a workshop for how to how difficult conversations in our contentious times called "Bridging the Divide".  Online sign up is available and is limited to 60 spots. February 9 at Senior Center.
Secret Santa program--- Gifts will be delivered today to 106 kids and families.
Jill Layden-- Save the date for Thursday, March 9 for the 10K raffle.  
January 17th is the Progressive Dinner and invitation will come online.
Tim Cochran issued an invitation to his home for Christmas Day dinner and Star Wars marathon. 
Mark Campbell--needs RSVP for next week's Rotary Christmas Party at 7:30 am at Ginger and Baker (no Zoom option).  There will be music by Rocky Mountain High School and gifts for kids. 
Susan Peterson--Money can be donated to Kiev International Rotary Club in Ukraine through the foundation (tax deductible).  The deadline is by the end of 2022. Make check to Breakfast Rotary Club Foundation.
Phil Murphy--Monday from 1 to 4:30 pm, volunteer to stuff food bags for the holidays for kids and families.
Mark Eversole has been hospitalized after a motor vehicle accident and has resigned 
Vocational Service Committee Update
Ron Catterson, Natalie Brown
Looking for more members to join this committee
Encourages high ethical standards in business, encourages the worthiness of each vocation, use of occupation to serve the world, help to develop young leaders.
Leadership Development Team has been formed to develop workshops on life  and leadership skills such as ethics, conflict resolution, to name a few.
Next meeting is December 13th at 7:30pm at Horse and Dragon
Developing a database within Clubrunner on our club skills, hobbies and expertise.  All skills and talents count within and outside of our occupational skill sets. 
Kyle Stack is the Centennial High School principal.  Centennial High School is an alternative high school in Poudre School District.They have 155 students and go through a 6 week class, called Discovery class, to promote social and emotional health and establish the culture of the school.   They have a peer mediation program to help with support and conflict resolution. There is as scholarship that goes to several CHS students each year.  $3900 was awarded to several CHS students last year.  There is also an emergency fund for students with an acute need and 3 students were served last year by this fund.
Teacher of the Month to honor PSD teachers nominated by their administrators receive an honorarium to use for their classroom
Ed Gillette Vocational Service Award presentation:  
Krishna has lead trips to India in past years and received he Ed Gillette award in the past.  He was awarded the gift box that should have been given to him at the time of his receipt of this honor. Krishna also had words of support for Centennial High School.