Our new member, Jeana “J” Burton, Editor and Publishing Consultant at Language Is A Superpower joined our club in September. She and her husband Matthew moved to Fort Collins in 2006 when she was accepted into the MFA (Master of Fine Arts, Fiction) program at CSU.
She was born in Utah, and grew up in Idaho, California, and Arizona. Jeana and Matthew love the mountains, desert, and ocean and especially love to travel between Colorado, Arizona, and Baja, Mexico. They met while working in a silicon wafer factory in Phoenix, got married in Tempe, and lived all over the East Valley area of Phoenix before they moved to Fort Collins.
Jeana describes herself as a serious “story nerd,” who loves to read, write, and publish stories, comics, and essays and to help others create and publish their stories. She has been published in a few literary journals and online and is working on a memoir. Jeana says, "I’m the type of person, who gets so obsessive about hobbies that I turn them into a vocation. In the past, I’ve taught writing at CSU and have worked as a writer and editor in the tech world. I am about to embark on The Story Grid certification course for book editors and I recently started my own small business, Language Is A Superpower, specializing in book editing for memoirs and novels and in publishing consulting for indie or new writers who aren’t sure how to get their work published."
Jeana joined Rotary because as she says, "I've been so impressed by and touched by the spirit of service I've observed in my friends and acquaintances who are Rotary members and heartened by the practical results of that service. In the last two years, especially, as humanity and the natural world face unprecedented disasters, I was buoyed to see Rotarians serving the greater good. And I want to be part of that."

Why join our Rotary Club?
"I am a seriously shy and introverted person – I’m better at collecting my thoughts and expressing them in writing! Which is why I became a writer! - so I first want to say “Thank you!” to all the Rotarians whom I’ve met at Horse & Dragon, who’ve been very warm and welcoming to me and have encouraged me to transcend my awkwardness to make a connection through conversation. To all those Rotarians I’ve met on Zoom or talked to on the phone, I want to say a similar “Thank you! And I look forward to getting to know you better.” To all the Rotarians whom I haven’t yet met, I look forward to meeting you. To all of you, I look forward to serving alongside you.”

Welcome to our club, Jeana!