Zoom Meeting – July 8,  2021


Inspiration:  Ken Campbell - “Fruit of the Spirit” apostle Paul


Diversity Quote: “Hating people because of their color is wrong and it doesn’t matter which color does the hating. It’s just wrong.” – Muhammad Ali



Brian Carroll – Speaker on Soapstone Prairie and Native American presence in Lindemeier
Ashley Krueger – Representative of Gardens on Spring Creek-thanking FCBR for their grant this past year. Presentation on the Gardens
Constance Sheltren – Rotarian from Carson City, Nevada. Constance is looking to join our club
Matt Hoppal – guest of Diane Knight – new local banker
Kristen Mast – Guest of Cindy Cloyd
Elizabeth Stevens – not introduced
  1. Andy Groeger- introduction of Ashley Krueger, City of Fort Collins Education Director

  • Community Service Beneficiary for Gardens on Spring Creek- Rotary Grant request Appreciates support from Rotary. Planning events for Gardens for All Access Program.
  • Library Card – Access with card
  • Free Memberships
  • Family Passes
  • Discounted Admission
  • Scholarships for educational programs
  • Program participation has increased this year.
  • Grant helps with Early Childhood Education PACT Night- Partnering with Poudre River Library District- 1 summer event August 11 and 1 winter during the Garden of Lights event.
  1. Catherine Varra-Nelson – July birthdays
Ken Campbell       July 8
Cait Nase              July 11
Gary Turner         July 12
Bob Waltermire   July 12
Dick Griffith         July 13
Harlan Meckelburg   July 14
Terry Podmore     July 16
Scott Sinclair        July 20
Phil Murphy         July 27
  1. John Hintzman – Program Committee stand-up meeting after club meeting
  2. John Carroll – The Annual Greens Fore Giving Golf Fundraiser event will be August 9, 2021- 40 players already signed up
  3. Ann Griffith - Next week’s speaker will be Author Lee Child: there will be a book signing for books purchased at Old Firehouse Books
  4. Bob Waltermire - International Service Meeting Special event-email coming with more details and links to RSVP
  5. Dave Hause - Peach Festival http://fortcollinspeachfestival.com/
  6. Michele Marquitz - Peach Sales are coming. Boxes of peaches and pies for sale. pick up date, August 28, 2021

Program: Lindernmeier Site

Program Introduction by Bob Williams:

Guest Speaker:  Brian Carroll – Volunteer Master Naturalist- Shared the history and significance of the Lindenmeier Site at Soapstone Prairie Natural Area

Beginning Quote:

 “This is a Very Sacred Place,” Quote from Ute Elder Clifford Duncan. Lindenmeier Site

The most famous cultural site at Soapstone Prairie is the Lindenmeier archeological site, a National Historic Landmark. Excavations in the 1930s by the Smithsonian and Colorado Museum of Natural History conclusively dated human habitation in North America to at least 10,000 years ago and gave new insight into the Folsom culture. Needles, beads and stone tools were found, making the Lindenmeier site the most extensive Folsom culture campsite yet found. Learn more about the excavations in this booklet about the excavations. Other human history at Soapstone Prairie includes possible Clovis complex sites, numerous stone rings, sheep camp rock cairns, ruins of historic homesteads, ranches and their associated buildings, the foundation of a schoolhouse, and roads and trails. Learn more at Fort Collins Natural Areas- Soapstone Prairie Natural Area. (Soapstone Prairie Natural Area, n.d.)