Dave Doty, one of our new members is Associate Director in the Office of Sponsored Programs at CSU. He lives in Fort Collins and was born in Spokane, WA into an Air Force family, hence, he has many hometowns. 
In his words …
I’ve been married to my best friend, Stanya for 22 years.   Stanya, has her own business Diagonal Girl Vintage where she sells antiques and vintage items.  We have 2 sons Tyler and Nathan.    Tyler is 19 years old and is living in LA chasing his dream of professional modeling and working behind the scenes in the entertainment industry.   Nathan is 15 years old and is sophomore at Fossil Ridge H.S. where he is very active in the school’s theater group.
I love music, so you will quite often see me about town taking in local, regional and national musical acts.  I love to hike and bike in the wonderful Northern Colorado Area.  I also have a great love of the local beer / brewery scene.
I’ve been exposed to Rotary from a very young age, my Grandfather was a long- standing Rotarian.  When he came to visit with my family in one of our many locations, he would sometimes take me and my brother along with him to meetings.    So from very early on I’ve been familiar with Rotary’s purpose, projects and interest in advancing communities worldwide.
I’ve worked for various Universities within the Research Administration field for the past 28 years.   I’m looking to branch out and do something new with my life when I do finally get to retire.    I’m interested in doing non-profit and philanthropic work as a possible direction for my next “career”.  
With that as a backdrop Rotary brings the community connections and the philanthropic intent together as one; being involved in as a Rotary member will help me form the basis and the direction for my next chapter in life.
I was drawn to joining the Breakfast Rotary Club as I have met a great number of the club members about the town.   What I really mean is that I’ve met most of you already at some brewery or other in the Fort Collins area.   You all know how to have a good time, while doing good things!
Thanks for sharing this with our club and Welcome to the Rotary Club of Fort Collins Breakfast!