Joe McCarthy new Rotary Club of Fort Collins Breakfast memberMeet Joe McCarthy, owner of JDI Consulting, LLC (that stands for “Just Do It.”) He's ex-Hewlett Packard (like many others), and is now active in traffic safety/integrated crash analysis. Joe has lived in Fort Collins for 15 years and prior to that lived outside the US for almost 20 years, in France, Singapore, Egypt, and Dubai.
His hobbies include “Biking, traveling (off the beaten track) with my wife, woodworking, trying new things (food, experiences, cultures, adventures), hiking, learning something new, innovative problem solving.  Also, trying to figure out how to get less busy, and get in less trouble.”
He is joyfully married to Annie; sneaking up on 36 years in December. He has two adult children – Alison and Adrien – who are now know keep him young, after making him age faster earlier on.
Joe says that "Rotary was the perfect fit with my desire to pay back / pay forward and to put my skills and means to use to the local and larger community. To leverage what I can do by being part of something bigger.”
Words from Joe, “My sincere appreciation for the incredibly warm welcome by everybody; both before and after I joined. I look forward to learning from you all; please be patient with me, as I do have lots to learn. I’m so happy to be part of such an incredible group. I’m just sorry I waited so long to join!”
Joe, our club welcomes you and we look forward to many engaging projects together!