Posted by Lynn Matson
President Ann Bedient called the meeting to order at the Spirit Crossing Clubhouse at 7:18 am.
Inspiration: Ann Bedient
  • Ryan Trost – Rotaract
  • Carrie Campbell Broughton – Prospective Member
  • Ola Saganowska – Exchange Student from Poland
  • Second new member announcement for Carrie Broughton
  • Jim Dawdy had a stroke last weekend.
  • Jim McCambridge is looking for ideas for community service projects for “Make A Difference Day” on Oct 26.
  • Cindy Cloyd is looking for suggestions for publications that could run a story about her son’s Global Grant to create a movie “Lady Madonna”
  • Ryan Trost has tickets to sell for the Chili Cook Off fundraiser for the Book Trust at Horse and Dragon from 7-9:00 pm on November 8. 
  • Kathy Miner requested members to sign up for Meals on Wheels for November:
Program: Natalie Brown, Director of Spirit Crossing Clubhouse introduced Spirit Crossing Clubhouse members Trinity and Elana.
  • Since 1998, Spirit Crossing Clubhouse has helped adults work through their mental health recovery to become productive and significant contributors to Larimer County. Personal recovery and wellness goals may include:
    • Obtaining or maintaining employment
    • Pursuing an education (GED, college and masters degrees)
    • Building positive social relationships
    • Leading a productive, meaningful life
  •  Mission: Spirit Crossing Clubhouse supports adults with behavioral health disorders as they pursue their personal, social, financial and vocational goals.
  • Vision: We believe one’s wellness depends upon experiencing positive work opportunities, meaningful social relationships, having one’s skills and talents needed by others and promoting independence through community involvement. The Spirit Crossing community seeks to reduce stigma of mental illness through community education and outreach programs.
  • 70% of members live independently.
  • Work opportunities offered include; librarian, receptionist, clerical tasks, gardening, grounds maintenance and bookkeeping integrated into the community.
  • The annual cost for a person at Spirit Crossing Clubhouse is only $4400/year which is about 1/3 of the cost of alternative approaches for treating behavioral health disorders.
  • Medicaid is the primary source of revenue plus SummitStone, the State budget and private donations.
  • There are 330 accredited Spirit Crossing Clubhouse locations worldwide.